Top left of the pic. lol I'm 40 now n i think i was 9 or 10 when my addiction started with the 10:30 bar. I can't believe there are other people who remembered this candy bar. Oh man my pop used to give me a dollar to take to school to buy pizza for lunch and at least once a week i would buy FOUR bars for lunch and not even think about the pizza or anything healthy. I loved this candy bar. I often still think of them. Which company made these? Wish it were still around. One of the Lewis products launched from the Schrafft factory in Sullivan Square in Charlestown, Massachusetts, was the 10:30 bar, advertised as “that candy bar that’s somethin’ else.” The 10:30 bar was made of crisped rice and a candied mixture that was covered with an off-white milk chocolate and could be viewed through a clear wrapper, a sales enhancer, given the bar’s appetizing appearance. My brothers and I would get a quarter for allowance for doing dishes every night of the week,and taking the garbage out. Yeah! Wow. I used to eat 10:30 bars when I was a student in NYC, back in the late 70s, early 80s-- I was a big junk food/chocolate fan, and absolutely loved these light but delicious treats. Military chocolate has been a part of the standard United States military ration since the original Ration D or D ration bar of 1937. I am still in disbelief. King Kupp specialized in Peanut Butter cups. I’ve been searching for evidence that it exists, i thought i was loosing my mind. Thank you all for agreeing with me about the best cabndy bar EVER, letting me know that I am not alone, and for proving I'm not crazy. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. He would let me have any candy I wanted. Company folded in 1981. Like someone else said, thinking about them brings tears to my eyes :(, plz bring back the 10:30 candy bar if only for a season. Now it seems like the market is dominated by Hershey and Mars. WooHoo! This was in a Northern Minnesota town. Hershey's Snack Bars are advertised as being a healthier candy bar (as compared with traditional candy) as well as having zero grams of trans fat and being a good source of calcium, iron, and "seven essential vitamins" (one bar has about fifteen percent of the Recommended Dietary Allowance of them). I want you back so bad!!!! those red stripes were definitely cinnamon! It Would be Sooooo Nice!!!!! We should start a campaign. I would LOVE to have just ONE MORE. Now I live in the UK, and our beloved Cadbury's is about to be swallowed up by Kraft, which doesn't bode well. Everytime I asked some one if they remembered 10:30 bars thay would just look at me funny! 7/11 was the spot to hang out after school,and a Slurpee and a 10;30 bar sure beat out milk and cookies. Does anyone remember Fudge gum? I'M GLAD I FOUND THIS PAGE CAUSE I'M AM SOOOO CRAVING TO HAVE A COUPLE :)..DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO SELLS THEM? Just decided to google it and am disappointed to find they are definitely discontinued. OMG! I'm so glad to see that there are others out there who remember this delectable treasure! I don’t remember a transparent wrapper, though. google_ad_width = 120; I wish my memory was better because I have no idea who is the maker. I have been looking for people like me and found you all regarding 'THE 10:30 CANDY BAR! Give me the recipe so I can try to make them, please!!! 10:30 was the BEST candy bar ever made. i … I wonder if anyone here has any recollections of Yes Yes. In Niagara Falls, NY you could get them everywhere. I've been telling people about this for years. When this bar was new it took off like crazy and we were working 6 day weeks to produce it. I Remember them. They were the best! (or at least other people who know about it!) To Make: 1. Too bad! lets all get something going to get this awesome candy bar back again!!!! I was in love with the 10:30 candy bar!!! All my brothers, Regi 10:30!! Wish they would come back out with them I'd buy them by the case if i could! It was made at an outfit called King Kupp Shoener Candies in Reading PA. My backup was the Skybar. They were I. Agree with so many of these comments, what would it take to request these be reintroduced by the manufacturer? One of the best ever made. When I was younger, I used to buy these candy bars at the 5 and dime. I'm located opposite of the majority--- southwest. google_alternate_color = "E7F0EB"; I thought it was either Sweet Marie, or Mr. Big...or something, that came out with white chocolate. I don't know anyone who remembers them either! This was truly one of my favorite candy bars growing up. I am glad I do!!! They did taste good, but I honestly don't remember exactly what they taste like anymore. There was so much more candy variety back in the '70s. PEople that understand my pain. IT WAS A GOOOOD CANDY. I used to get 10:30 bars all the way down here in Atlanta, GA. Now that I think about it, it was a bar that could not be found just anywhere. Not only does it take me back to my childhood, but it was a darn good candy bar. or Payday, even! I still crave it. Thank goodness! Wow! Yes, 10:30 bars were his specialty. Sadly it was discontinued in the 1960s. Admittedly I didn't love it but ate it when in the mood for a change-up. So sad when I couldn't find them anymore. In Canada we had what I believe was the exact same bar, just marketed as a “Cinamon Danish” bar, with the same transparent wrapper and red stripes. :-(, I grew up in Whitestone Queens NY and use get the 10:30 bar out of the vending machine in the local bowling Ally that was the only place that sold them. I cant find a single photo or old ad for one anywhere. Finally, I have proof for my wife that this candy bar really existed, it wasn't just in my head. We use to collect loose change from around the house, cash in bottles and cans just for that 10:30 bar in the late 70s. I don't remember if I got them at my uncle or at the luncheonette a few blocks away from my house but I loved them! I remember them being amazing, I think they were rice crispy inside? I'm a true candy junkie and this candy was scrumptious. Ben Hurs, try Anise Squares; Bit-O-Licorice The lumpy white bar with the red swirls through it. It not only was delicious, it looked delicious, as well. Submit a link to more information about 10:30 candy bar. Edgar P. Lewis Candy Co. (f. 1922) in Malden, Mass. Omg! We still talk about them, good times. The candy was marketed mostly to women as a snack "bridge" between breakfast and lunch. MY FAVORITES WAS THE ORANGE AND APPLE. omg, I knew I was telling the truth. Marathon Bar. Wow! Does the "recipe" exist? I suppose I was around 14 at the time. I agree with what everyone has said!! My eyes were way bigger than my stomach & I got pretty big eyes!!! I totally remember this candy bar as my most favorite childhood treat. It started my life-long love of white chocolate. I would love to see the 10:30 come back, but I guess it will only be in my memories, I grew up in the south eastern states and there was one country store that sold 10:30 candy bars .I loved themWish I could buy them today. I grew up in CT, and at that time the bar cost 16 cents (1 cent for tax), and it's nearest rival was the Neilson Cinnamon Danish! I remember not getting as filled up with this... and thinking the MilkyWay might be a better deal.. nahhhh! Thanks for All the information about the Schrafft's Candy Company!!!!! I used to buy 3 bar when I went to High School and it would last for the whole week. I too am from the northeast Upstate NY (UTICA). I knew I was not crazy and I knew it existed. I loved this bar!! It also had a clear wrapper with white choc and cinnamon flavor. The way I remember it, the 10:30 bar was very mild cinammon flavored wafers coated in white chocolate with pink stripes. Sorry. What a treat that bar was...I always hope upon hope of finding one in a retro candy shop. They are no longer made. The stripes were cinnamon flavored. remember 10:30 candy bars? Best chocolate bar ever!! $17.99 $ 17. The next trip produced another poor substitute candy and the horrible news that they weren't carrying them anymore. Just like many of you that have posted, I can't find anyone that remembers them. There were several candy stores in my childhood neighborhood that carried it. They were sooooo good. It would be Great if they came back. After school, my friends and I hanging out at the 7-11, putting our "next up" quarters on the new Space Invaders video game and hitting up the candy isle. 70's Disco - Mini Candy Bar Wrappers, Round Candy Stickers and Circle Stickers - 1970s Disco Fever Party Candy Favor Sticker Kit - 304 Pieces. I really was starting to believe that I created this candy bar in my head! Ditto everything above: I've been looking for them since the 70's- you would think with all the crappy candy bars out there SOMEONE would try to re-create the classics and make a fortune!!! I absolutely remember this AWESOME, did I mention AWESOME candy bar - I was just asking my co-workers have they heard of it - 10:30 was and still is the BEST candy bar ever made (there I said it). That was probably because it had so much glucose in it it looked Clear Honey .Here’s another couple of old sweets that you can’t find anymore. I'm going to give this link to those retro candy stores in hopes they can do something. ALSO DOES ANYONE REMEMBER ADAMS CHEWING GUM WHICH IS NOT AROUND ANYLONGER EITHER IN THE FLAVORS OF APPLE GREEN, ORANGE AND CHERRY? I grew up in a small town and they were sold at the 7-11 store up the street. Images and sightings today are rare to non-existent. I actually remember ANOTHER candy bar that was identical to the To en Thirty but just went by a different monikor - like the 'west if the Rockies' Hellmans Mayo name boingo-chango :-D So glad to see I am not alone missing this candy bar LOL -scuba2x2. Lv 5. I’m 53 now. I also remember the mentioned fudge gum.keep the gum, i want more 10:30 bars. These were my absolute favorite candy bars - kind of like a cookie/candy combo. My Mother used to send me to the local store for them. I love all of you people who share my passion for this candy. I don't know what happened to it as I quit before it went off the market. Well, I thought I was the only person on Earth to remember this candy bar. I am in my 40's and to this day I have not found anything that compares. We could only get them from one machine at one gas station, but the trip (and trouble that I go in) was well worth it! //-->, Loading images, if this message doesn't go away you may need to enable javascript in order to see pictures. I love a good candy bar just as much as the next person, so the thought of trick or treating being put on hold because of COVID-19 has me looking for a Snickers. This was in the 80's. i do remember them they were great. In my memory it preceded the 10:30 bar, and then I discovered the 10:30 after it was gone (or was it the other way around?). I remember going away to college near the New York / Quebec border and getting the Neison version called Danish as a substitute, but it never replaced the 10:30 bar. Anonymous. //2007-06-05: inthe70s As many others have said this was my favorite candy bar as a child and I have continued to look for them for years. LOL Whatever happened to this candybar??? It was tragic when they suddenly couldn't be found any more. Outside of candy corn and Reese’s peanut butter cups, this was #3 on my big board. I lived across the street from a little mini mart and would save every penny to get one of those bars. Ahh, sweet memories! I could have sworn this was called the "10:30 AM" bar, and the marketing also referred to it as a "breakfast danish" candy bar. OK, so I used to go to the 7-11 in the afternoon and eat one of these while I played pinball. I think my love of white chocolate started with them. Would buy the 10:30 bar from The Tolland Village Store in Ma. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 10:30 candy bar; Abba-Zaba chocolate (Choco-Zaba - discontinued in 1998) Adams Sour gums; Alexander the Grape, renamed Grapeheads; Alpine White candy bar; Anise Bears; Beech-Nut Spearmint and Wintergreen Gum; Beemans gum, now available! The 10:30 bar was the best wishe we can bring it back. My cousin and I made this a daily ritual when we were together, sitting on the curb, getting fat on those delicious candy treats. We would get a quarter every two weeks . Submit a story or info about 10:30 candy bar,